Top 4 Productivity Apps for Mac

Become more productive on your Mac by using these 4 useful apps

These days everyone is on a trend to increase their productivity and are seeking quick ways where they can have quick wins to boost their performance. These are my top 4 productivity boosts for Mac:

1) Spectacle

Probably my favourite and most regularly used app is Spectacle. It's an app which sits in the menu bar and provides you with a series of shortcuts to move your windows around. You can easily move windows to different screens and resize them. In my opinion, OSX should have this out the box, but thank goodness this tool is free.

2) Itsycal

Another tool that I think OSX is missing, is a quick calendar utility that shows you the current date and lets you cycle through a calendar. Itsycal is just that. It has calendar integration features, but I find that even its basic functionality makes it extremely useful.

3) CopyClip

If you're like me and find yourself needing to copy a bunch of different text and need more than a few copies saved then this tool is awesome and simple. Like the other utilities, it sits in your menu bar and remembers your previous copies (even after a restart) which you can then click on, or use the shortcuts to paste them again. Because Mac allows you to copy from your Mac and paste on your iPhone, this tool can also come in handy if you need previous clips from your Mac on your phone.

4) Be Focused

Be Focused is a Pomodoro timer with a task list that hangs out in the menu bar. If you're unfamiliar with the Pomodoro technique it's basic premise is that you should follow a 25-minute focus session with a 5-minute break.

The tool allows you to change the 25-minute and-minute break lengths, but I feel the default is good for me. It allows you to keep track of tasks and when you complete them you can see a list of your done tasks and how many Pomodoro cycles it took to complete them.

There is a free version of this app which has ad's and a paid for version without ads.