The Pink Dot Method

A simple idea to help you clear out your house and get rid of clutter

About a month ago I got transfixed with the idea of minimalism and the thought that owning less stuff can improve your wellbeing as well as your home environment.

While cleaning up and getting rid of stuff in my apartment I eventually started finding objects that I would make me think that maybe I would one day need it. I knew I probably wouldn't, but maybe one day. An example of this is an espresso maker which I used to use all the time but haven't touched the whole year.

espresso maker

Instead of just getting rid of it outright I developed a method that can be used for any situation like this. The Pink Dot Method.
The idea is simple, and it ironically starts off with you having to buy something... namely pink dot stickers.

Whenever you find an object that you might use, or think will come in handy down the line and for whatever reason you can't justify getting rid of at that moment, stick a pink dot on it put it away and forget about it.

espresso maker espresso maker

Six months down the line open up all your cupboards and throw or give away anything with a pink dot on it.

You won't need it, you never did.